Weight Limits for Riding Tours:

There is a weight limit of 210 pounds/100 kgs per each person. Our trails are a tough job for our horses. Going up and down in steep rocky terrain we get off and walk the horses. It’s easier for both the horse and rider. Please do check with us first.

Riding Experience:

Our trip description give you a review of each tour and what is to be expected. It would be good to know about your riding experience to match with your horse. Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us for more information about our tours.

Basics for Handling Horses:

Always speak to the horse to let him know that you are there.
When walking around the back of the horse leave enough space.
When working around the horse stay in case the horse kicks and you will not receive the full impact.
If you are unsure regarding the work with the horse, always ask for help.
Around the horses wear always sensible footwear.
Always follow the guide’s instructions.

Basic Riding Safety:

You sign a waiver before you ride.
It’s an obligation for our riding clients to wear a helmet which we provide.